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What to Wear to a Wedding - Do’s and Don’ts

There's usually one thing that flashes through all of our minds with weddings 'What shall I wear?'

There can be a fine line when it comes to deciding what to wear to a wedding; You want to standout, look glam, gorgeous but appropriate (and comfortable).

With very little in the way of a wedding guest outfit rulebook there is relative freedom when it comes to putting together your look.

There are however some basic ground rules worth referencing so we've covered off the dressing 'dos and don'ts' so that you can be the best dressed guest at all manner of weddings without the wardrobe stresses.

Here are our top do’s and don’ts for what to wear to a wedding when you're just not sure. 


1. Check the invite for a specific dress code

Take note of the wedding invitation, and specifically the listed dress code. This will help to determine how dressed up you will need to be on the day.

2. Wear a dress as a safe go-to

If you're struggling to compile the perfect trousers, top and jacket combination with ease, then simply reach for one of your trusty statement dresses. Keep it simple and elegant, add some block style heels for comfort and a glam clutch. Perfection.

3. Avoid short hemlines

It's not only about respect for the bride, but it's also a lesser-known fact that longer hemlines are conservatively sexy.

4. Wear black (if you want to)

The acceptance of wearing black at weddings is now part of our modern life. Black once was the mark of doom and gloom, but now it's a tone for the chic. Add a pop of colour through your heels and clutch. Or if you’re still unsure on black go for a navy with nude accessories.

5. Always carry a small bag

Large tote bags and cumbersome shoulder bags don't ooze special occasion. Go minimal, and head out to the wedding with a micro or clutch bag, and cut loose from your heavy accessories for a day. Think of it as a handbag detox.

6. Wear heels you can walk in ALL day

There's nothing worse than climbing into a pair of heels only to find that you are limping across the dance floor a mere few hours later. Find the comfy elevated shoes that will party harder than all your other footwear.

7. Wear sleeves or bring a cover-up

With the wonderfully predictable (lol) nature of the UK weather, it’s probably best to bring a lil cover-up with you. 

There are lots of religious wedding ceremonies that may take place in sacred spaces that require a respectful covered-up dress code. Take a generous silk scarf to drape across your shoulders or wear sleeves to nail the issue in one.

8. Be unique

It's not impossible to show up wearing a dress that is identical or very similar to another guest. To avoid this, think unique when you’re shopping and try to peruse boutiques that are not mainstream to find the perfect look you won’t end up sharing with someone else.


1. Wear white or cream lace

White lace and cream embroidery are major no-nos when attending a wedding as a guest. Leave that to the bridal party. Instead if you’re feeling detail go for sequins and clever textural layering

2. Wear an all white outfit

Despite the changes in formal dressing over the past few years, and with many brides opting to go for non-white or cream wedding dresses, that doesn't necessarily mean you should turn up in a floor-length white number. You can, however, choose white add-ons, but if you're really not sure and still want to make an impact with your outfit, choose standout accessories that won't make it look like you're trying to overshadow the bride.

3. Risk outshining the bride

When choosing your outfit of course you want to look great, but make sure you don’t attract too much attention by what you’re wearing… or not wearing. You don’t want to risk outshining the bride by showing too much skin. It’s okay to opt for a low-cut blouse or snug-fitting dress, but don’t choose an outfit that has too many revealing aspects.

It’s important to look nice, but this day is about having all eyes on the bride.


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