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Transitional Dressing – Layering

As the summer comes to an end as and we enter September, many find ourselves in that awkward in between season where we can’t decide whether to wear a coat or brave the slighter cooler feel. The subtle art of layering is a great way to get through the early Autumn breeze ensuring you stay warm and, of course, look chic and stylish throughout this September.

Are you still wanting to show off your much-loved summer dress? Well, there are a few layering tricks to make sure you get your wear of out for favourite summer wardrobe piece. The best advice is to use your dress as a base layer and then add from there. The simple way to layer a dress is by adding a jacket. By combining with different types of jackets for example denim or leather, is the perfect way to style a dress up or down.

Wearing a classic smart, black business jacket with your dress gives you a great evening look for a lovely dinner and a few cocktails. If it is a particularly cold evening you could even add a pair of heeled boots and tights for those extra layers.

Alternatively, for a more casual, everyday look for shopping in town, perhaps add a denim jacket or even a cardigan. This a is a great way to keep warm as well as style down your best dress. Finally, you can finish off a casual outfit with a pair of white trainers or a pair of brogues, whichever you feel more comfortable in.

Pleat Boutique has a range of bodysuits which can be worn as a base for many outfits. For example, with jeans or with a skirt and then styled up or down with a blazer in the colour of your choice. If you are not feeling a jacket, body suits are great to wear with knitwear by wearing an oversized jumper is a great way to add layers and a little bit of extra style to an everyday look. Remember out bodysuits are designed to show off your fantastic curves so don’t be afraid to show them off.