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5 Style Tips for Wearing a One Shoulder Dress

For the day and perfect for the night, with so many occasions in mind; weddings, day at the races, parties and proms to name a few. These classy but sexy dresses are a great tool for showing off a touch of skin this Spring/ Summer.

Here’s our top 5 super easy tips to help you with accessorising and styling your one shoulder dress in order to pull off the look and wow whatever the occasion.

1. The Right Jewellery

The best solution is to go for simple accessories.

Choose a pair of statement earrings, maybe with some tassels or geometric style detail especially if your hair is styled in an up-do such as a bun.

Go for rings and bracelets but don’t go too crazy. Keep it dainty, one elegant bracelet will be more than enough.

No necklaces are needed, as they would interfere with the beautiful neckline of the one shoulder dress, which is already a statement in itself. However, if you do want to add a necklace add either a chocker style or a dainty piece to delicately sit on top of your dress.

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How to style a one shoulder dress with minimal jewellery

Hair accessories are another big trend for this season and are a great alternative to other jewellery and to add some glitz to your look.

2. Be Careful with your Underwear

Wear these dresses with a strapless or stick on bra underneath. A bra strap visible on a one shoulder dress kills the look. Make also sure when trying it on that the bra does not show in the back.

Top tip for checking your underwear doesn't show through - get a friend to take a photo with the flash on before you head out. That will show up any glare from your underwear. To make super safe go for a dress with a double layer of fabric.

3. Wear it in a Solid Colour

If you don’t feel particularly comfortable with this trend, maybe because you have never worn it before or you don’t think it really suits your style, don’t go for a patterned dress but one in a solid colour. To spice it up you can then play a bit with your accessories.

4. Don't Cover it up

No to layers! The whole point of this type of dress is to show off your gorgeous shoulders so there is no reason at all for you to cover them up with blazers or cardigans. This is also why these dresses are particularly suitable for the warmer seasons, like Spring/ Summer.

Top tip; use a clutch bag and not a shoulder strap bag that will hide the neckline detail. You want to keep it clear of any distractions for ultimate elegance.

5. The Right Hairstyle

Any updo will complete an outfit with a one-shoulder dress perfectly. Choose a tight twist or ponytail for an elegant and sophisticated look or a soft messy bun for a sweeter touch.

If you would like to keep your hair down, try sweeping it to the strap side of your dress to keep the asymmetric exposed shoulder look.


Follow these simple fashion tips and you will learn to wear one-shoulder dresses with confidence.

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