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5 Easy to Wear Work From Home Outfits

Let’s face it if you’ve been working from home for over 5 months it is hard to gain some motivation to get up early, dress smartly and be prepared to conquer the day ahead. There is nothing more tempting than to sit in bed in your pj’s answering work emails whilst having Netflix on in the background. The issue is striking the right balance between work attire and wearing clothes which are comfy enough for home. Here are Pleats Boutique’s 5 easy work from home outfits.

Blouse and Jogger Bottoms

Yes, we’ve all been on those Zoom or Teams meetings wearing a smart top with jogger bottoms. At Pleat Boutique our Drew Jogger Bottoms offer the perfect comfort and are made to an exceptional quality. Our joggers are also black in colour and have a smart appearance which can allow you to feel comfy whilst styling these with an office blouse.

The Cami Top

There is a lot of misconception around cami-tops as they aren’t recognised as items to be worn in a professional setting. However, ours offer comfort, a great fit and a chic yet smart appearance meaning they are great for the home office. They can be styled with trousers, a skirt, jeans or even leggings! There is really no limit on our cami-tops as they can provide the base for any outfit not just for working from home.

The Bodysuit

Bodysuits are the perfect way to portray a professional image whilst feeling comfy and confident in your home office. At Pleat Boutique we offer these in a range of colours and sizes to best your stay at home, work attire. Their material is stretchy allowing for maximum comfort

The Long-Sleeved Black Dress

Floaty, comfy and long-sleeved, this is a great alternative to your cosy jumper which you never have off your back. Pleat Boutiques range of long-sleeved black dresses are perfect for home office wear as they ensure you remain warm and cosy whilst looking your best on an important video call with your boss. Also, they can be worn when you eventually return to the office styled with a pair of boots and tights in winter and flat brogues in the summer months.

An Oversized Top

No, I am not talking about your much-loved jumper that is three sizes too big! An actual oversized top or shirt are great for remaining comfortable during your office hours. At Pleat Boutique all of our oversized tops or shirts come in black giving you a professional look which can be worn with jeans or even with leggings. At the end of the day, if you are having daily zoom calls all you need is a smart, professional looking top and comfy bottoms to strike the right balance between office attire and clothes comfy enough for staying at home.